Afaf & Marwa : Two Rising Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

                Nowadays, many Moroccan Bloggers are taking over the Fashion world.  For instance,  Afaf ’21 &  Marwa ’18 are Two sisters who joined the fashion world almost 4 years ago as fashion bloggers10389662_806134252761135_1366911694623161050_n

These girls were motivated and dedicated enough to take their own hobby to a higher and new level by turning it into a business and starting to sell their own pre-collection online. Not only do they have many aspirations, but also much inspiration as their looks and outfits show creativity, talent and professionalism. For all the sited reasons, Afaf & Marwa are to be considered one of the Top Moroccan Fashion Bloggers today. They have a style that is  hard to find these days since it’s filled with fun, cuteness, elegance and maturity all at once. This mixture gave them popularity among Moroccan and International fans who are following them all over Facebook, Instagram, and of course their Website.

    I know my words won’t describe them fair enough so I’ll let their work speak for itself.

11024_797950673579493_383500217227087545_n 1469821_811063252268235_2145256983594987306_n 10641222_758361804205047_3261765270587635011_n 10659007_792116314162929_1535629487474985987_o 10388655_812336358807591_2326769872588385951_n GHBrWQh

Image credits : Afaf & Marwa.


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  1. salmahamdi · mars 10, 2015

    A reblogué ceci sur fayniac.


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